Add/Edit/Remove Attribute Category Global Change

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We would like to be able to add any type of attribute through a global change, like the existing constituent attribute process.

- Allows bulk processing of attribute values.
- Global change process to create and update attribute records for any record type.
a. Includes option to overwrite existing attribute values
b. Includes option to remove attribute from unqualified records
- Assigns a single user defined attribute value to any records in a given selection.
- Allows for the management of the following attribute types: Appeal, Benefit, Benefit Option, Designation, Educational History, Event, Financial Transaction Line Item, Funding Request, Fundraising Purpose, Grant Program, Interaction, Membership, Model Scores and Ratings, Non-Monetary Opportunity, Opportunity, Planned Gift, Prospect Plan, Registrant, Revenue, Sponsorship, Sponsorship Opportunity Child, Stewardship Plan Step

Under consideration EA for BBCRM Suggested by: Moderator Upvoted: 23 Oct, '19 Comments: 0

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